Over the next few weeks, I have a list of, geeze, dozens of people who I want to talk with who have been thinking about teaching web literacy way longer than I have.  There’s enough knowledge worth sponging there that I’m even going to get over my phone aversion.  Some of these will probably be worth face-to-face followups as well.

I want to make sure I have a clear agenda to make good use of this time, so here are the set of questions I’m currently thinking of having on hand.  (Obviously some customized questions for certain folks.)

  • Intro: web literacy, what I’m doing, where I’m at.
  • What are you doing?  Where are the intersections?
  • Blog, etc. link for me to learn more
  • What web skills do you think everyone should know?
  • Who else should I talk to?
  • How would you measure “success”?  (Not “knowledge successfully obtained” but rather “goal of web literacy achieved”)

I’m sure after one or two of these, this list will be twice as long.  What am I missing?