Here are some example web literacy skills.  They may be too big.  They may be too small.  They may not be useful at all.  They may be missing some of the most important skills out there.

But I hope that they can at least illustrate the types of skills I’m thinking of.

Understanding the web

  • What is “offline” vs “online”?
  • Crap detection
  • “View source”
  • HTTPS and why/when you should care
  • What is permanent and what can be undone?
  • The anatomy of a permalink
  • What “uploading” entails.  Where does it go?
  • Ownership/copying/reuse on the web
  • etc.


  • Basic HTML tags: links, images, etc.
  • Take and upload a picture
  • How forms work
  • Smash two APIs together
  • Changing an existing page
  • React on user behaviour (clicks, etc.)
  • React on the world outside the page (API calls, time of day etc.)
  • etc.


  • Contributing to an open source project
  • Building (small) software from scratch
  • Taking existing software apart to understand it
  • Traditional web programming courses’ items: debugging, etc.