• Step 1: Chat with the experts to assemble a reasonable starting hypothesis
    •  1A) Assemble a list of who to talk with.  (I already have 20+ people, but this list will grow/change over time.)
    • 1B) Actually chat with them.  (I have a list of things to ask.)
    • 1C) Report back what the conversations unravelled.
    • 1D) Find the common elements of these conversations and build a strawman hypothesis.
  • Step 2: Test curriculum against a real setting
    • 2A) Work with Popcorn, MoJo and Hive to create instances of the curriculum within their current goals.
    • 2B) If necessary, find other teaching venues if some of these goals do not align.
    • 2C) Work with them to find which existing tools can teach these concepts.
    • 2D) Have it actually taught.  Record results in as much detail as possible.
  • Step 3: Iterate where necessary
    • 3A) Bring some of the findings back to the experts in step #1
    • 3B) Create a hopefully-better set of badges.
    • 3C) Repeat. 🙂

These are only the first three steps in a much longer process, because this only helps to figure out what the curriculum should be, not how to have people actually learn it.  But an important first few steps.