This evening I chatted with Howard Rheingold, who has amassed a crazy wealth of thoughts and facts about information literacy.

He first pointed me at Ross Mayfield[1]’s Power Law of Participation:

([1]: My old WoW guildmate.  Because the world is just that small.)

There’s definitely something to be said for the fact that participating on the web doesn’t have to mean writing webpages from scratch.  There’s a whole realm of ways to be a producer of content on the web.

On collaboration

  • How do you participate in a virtual community?
  • What’s the etiquette?
  • How do you figure out the context?
  • Can you participate in no-digital-footprints ways?  (eg: installing seti@home)

On search

  • How do you search properly?  How do you learn from snippets?
  • Knowing how to look for how to do something.
  • Search, in that way, is the primary thing to learn.
  • Crap detection.  (He showed me this online pregnancy tester that still has me laughing.)

Further notes for myself: