There are some things I’d like to attach to each skill proposed.

1) Why?

This is a big one.  Why do people need to know this?  Why should they care?  How will knowing this make their life better?  (Secondarily: How will having more people knowing this make the web better?)

2) Best practices / tools for teaching

Often wise educators have already come up with great activities (or know of cool tools) for teaching this particular skill.  Keeping a repository of these ideas and methods would be awesome, so that someone approaching this stuff from scratch can borrow from the wisdom of the past.

3) Description / proof of learning

A lot of these skills will have fuzzy boundaries, and I doubt that there will ever be strict definitions of the skills, but perhaps “when they know it, they should be able to A, B and C” descriptions to help explain to educators exactly what we mean by each skill.


What am I missing?