There’s a Mozilla Foundation all-hands next week, and I have a few activities I’m planning to take advantage of all the MoFoers (MoFos?  MoFoians?  MoFoites? — denonyms are hard) in one place.

1) What is it like to be skill-illiterate?

I don’t want to give anything away on this blog (teehee), but it’s essentially a quick activity that forces pairs of people to experience what it’s like to try to learn a concept that they have no context for.  I think often times we as adults only learn new things in our own comfortable domains where we can rely on everything else we know to prop up this incremental learning.

When I pick up a new programming language, I don’t really “learn” how to program with that language; I know so many languages already that I’m essentially just mapping this new language to concepts I’m already familiar with.  When was the last time that you grabbed hold of an entirely new domain that you hadn’t already tiptoed into?

2) What skills are you using / not using?  Why?

Since there’s a broad group of people, this is probably a good time to start seeing what web literacy skills people are already using, for example during the All-Hands week itself.  It’ll be a good gut-check against some of my first hypotheses.

3) Badges

People will earn badges throughout the week, which will be a great opportunity for me to get some first feedback about the touchy-feelyness of badges.  Which did they enjoy more: spontaneous-fun badges, or earned badges?  Did they work towards any that they knew they could get (ie: did it change their behaviour)?  etc.  Certainly not a scientific study by all means, but I think a useful exercise regardless.