Remember when you were in middle school and you learned that an atom is just like a solar system: planets (electrons) spinning around the sun (nucleus)?

It’s not a perfect analogy, but these types of analogies are widely used in all sorts of subjects.  There’s also “oh yeah, everyone did that” activities that everyone seems to have done, from food coloring climbing up celery to egg drop competitions.

My question is: does there already exist repositories online of these types of teaching tricks?

Specifically, I feel like it’s going to be essential to have a repository of teaching tricks for web literacy skills if we want any hope in really distributing the learning process.

It’ll be a bazillion (plus or minus a gazillion) times easier for people to incorporate web literacy concepts into their existing curriculum (or build new classes around it) if they can leverage some of the smart things that other people have done.

Is this something that would have to be built from the ground-up or are there existing places like this that I just don’t know about?