If I see an amazing video of The Dark Knight Rises trailer audio mashed up with Lion King footage, and I want you to see it, how do I do that?  What if I want everyone I’ve ever met to see it?

Why?  Because it’s amazing!  Oh, you meant “why that skill” not “why that video”.  Making things on the web and then not being able to show your friends is sad. 😦  Also, sharing is such a big part of web culture.

Why not?  It’s not necessary.  You could make things and let them be found organically.


Community Etiquette

You’re on a forum and have a question.  Is it okay to post a question here?  Is there a FAQ you should look up first?  What if you have a question on this blog?  Is it okay to call someone a “douchecanoe” on this youtube video comment stream?

Why?  Each community has its own etiquette, but discovering and respecting that etiquette is an essential skill in belonging to that community.

Why not?  Does this need to be taught, or do people just generally figure this out on their own?


Push v Pull

I wouldn’t call it this to any students, but it’s what I mean.  The difference between communication channels where I’m pushing a message to you, versus communication channels where you query for new information when you want it.  And why/when you’d use each.

Why?  This is both a part of community etiquette, as well as a part of getting new web makers to think about how they want their information to flow, and how they want to consume the information around them.

Why not?  Can this just be intuited “well enough”, or does it need explicit instruction?


These two skills are sort of a cross between “Searching” and “Community”:

Get Help

I’m stuck.  What do I do?

Why?  Teach a man to fish…

Why not? No reasons.  They should know this. 🙂  Though this topic may be subsumed by another topic.



As you start gathering information, how do you curate it — for yourself? for others?

Why? A lot of web tech is built around helping you do this, especially now that there’s such a huge amount of information out there.

Why not?  I’m not certain it’s a “fundamental” skill in web making.  Needs more thought.