How the web works

This title sucks (mostly because I need to better-scope this), but I mean things like the components of a URL.

Why?  Understanding how the web works helps you to better understand where you fit in it, and where the things you build fit in it.  Also, helps to debug when things go wrong.

Why not?  Until I scope this better, this is too big a topic.  (yeah yeah, action item me.)


Reference vs. copy

(Nobody should call it that.  If you call it that when teaching kids, I will seriously come over there and make you do wheatgrass shots.)  The difference between emailing an attachment versus emailing a link.

Why?  This can be a source of confusion if it’s not understood.  “Hey, where did it go?”

Why not?  It’s possible to learn this on a case-by-case basis without learning the difference as an abstract concept.


Going to a webpage (basic)

How to type in a URL and visit that webpage.  How to click on things.  How to navigate back to the page you were on.

Why?  Don’t assume people know this, dude.

Why not? … yeah, nothing here.  People need to know this if they’re gonna be making things on the web.