Bullshit detection

So on wikipedia it says that I created the universe in my image.  True or false?  Also, developing a common sense (I guess it’s not really a “common sense” then, huh?…do we have an english word for “should-be-common-sense”?) about parody websites, expertise versus novices, etc.

Why?  Although this is an off-web problem as well, I have a sense that it’s made worse by the internet because the number of authors is greatly increased and the barrier to authorship is lowered.

Why not?  It’s an off-web problem as well.  Also, it involves advanced social skills (eg: understanding “why would someone create a parody website of this company?”) to be able to fine-tune it.


General search

Find the information that you need.  This is less about Google-syntax than it’s about knowing how to go from problem (“Apparently if you flush a toilet too often in a row, it can overflow.  So…. how do I stop the exploding mess of awfulness that is currently happening in my bathroom?”) to solution.

Why?  Once this skill is achieved, a lot of the other skills (“how do I make html tables?”) can be self-taught.

Why not?  At first glance, there’s not a lot of general knowledge here; a lot of it is today’s-technology specific.