Okay well first of all, it would need a better name than that.

I was chatting with Ryan Seashore this morning about the value that Mozilla could bring to the digital literacy space, and we both agreed that one of Mozilla’s strengths is the ability to bring groups of people together and mobilize them towards a common goal.

Throughout our conversations we each listed off easily over a dozen groups who are distributed around the world teaching people coding, computers, web literacy, web making, etc.

How cool would it be, we thought, if we could bring all of these instructors together to actually chat with each other, learn from each other’s mistakes and insights, and unite under this common goal!

There could be geographic hubs — the bay area, Toronto, New York, London, etc., all dialed in to each other to form a sorta meta-conference taking place simultaneously around the world to start the communication happening beyond geographic boundaries and help people realize that they’re part of something huge and global and awesome.

My big question to you, fair reader, would be: what would the advantage of a conference be over asynchronous online conversations, or other ways of bringing this group together?