“So….,” Ben Simon paused, eyebrow raised, “what is it exactly that you do?”

He was not the first person to ask that this week, so I decided it might be worthwhile to talk a little bit about what I’m working on, especially in the context of the grand Mozilla Foundation  vision that I blogged about yesterday.

Last week at the all-hands we had to come up with some first-half-of-year goals, and the education group brainstormed some full-year goals for ourselves.  Based on these, here are some of the things I’m going to be thinking about in the months to come:

  • Finalize and test the first set of web literacy skills
  • Help our existing offerings integrate those skills
  • Identify where our offerings fall short in skills we believe people should learn
  • Develop scaffolding/activation strategy for non-Mofo instructors
  • Develop a community for non-Mofo instructors to share best practices for teaching these skills (“hackable templates”), etc.
  • Develop a community for the learners (makers)
  • Help build a compelling story for why people (potential makers and instructors) should care
  • Develop a set of metrics for measuring success.  And measure it.  Iterate to improve.

Wow, worst elevator pitch ever.  Unless you’re climbing the CN Tower.