Update: See this now in diagram form too.


  • Browser Basics
  • Web mechanics (eg: how a URL works)
  • Searching
  • Bullshit Detection


  • Restaurant HTML
  • Linking, embedding
  • Designing for the web
  • Remixing
  • Open Web


  • Sharing
  • Community etiquette
  • Collaborative making
  • Designing for your audience
  • Linking vs copying


  • Solve problems vs working around
  • Identifying problem “types”
  • Recipe’ize tasks
  • React on user behaviour
  • React on real-world change
  • Calling APIs
  • Manipulating data


  • Public vs private
  • Ownership
  • Permanence
  • Identity

Color key:

  • Green: The lego blocks of the web, the technical concepts
  • Purple: Web practices, ways to think about the web
  • Blue: Web ethos, values

(These three categories were inspired by the Scratch Curriculum‘s Computational Concepts / Practices / Perspectives categories.)

Please do provide feedback on what I’m missing or any other thoughts that you have on the above.