I was chatting with a friend earlier today and she said: “Oh, Mozilla is looking into building a generation of web makers?  I’d never heard that and I’m in a similar space.  Why haven’t I heard of that?

Okay, partly this is because I think we’re just staaaarting to get to the point where it makes sense to shout from the rooftops.  Nobody likes a premature rooftop shouter.

But partly I think that this has also been a traditionally very distributed space with a total lack of cohesion: everyone doing their own thing, and lots of wheels being reinvented.  Which, of course, is one of the roles I think that Mozilla can help with.  (Fixing the lack of cohesion, I mean — not helping to reinvent the wheel.)

So here’s a few questions for you, lazyweb:

Where should we be evangelizing?  Where are the people who are already teaching these things (or interested in teaching these things) already flocking to, where we can reach them?  Where are the people who are considering these issues?

I love that in part people are doing this for us — for example, in canada.com’s recent article “Why Mozilla is teaching kids to hack” — but I think that this goes beyond just pure PR.  Lots of folks have been giving this stuff tons of thought, and as much as possible I think that we’re going to be strongest where we bring them together and move in a common direction.

Perhaps that’s why we’re not shouting from the rooftops: because it’s not about announcing our intentions in any sort of top-down “Here We Are: Rock You Like a Hurricane” kind of way.  It’s about finding all of these islands and helping to draw bridges between them.

We already know about lots of folks out there, but I’m positive there’s so many, many more of them.  Any advice / thoughts you guys have about where or how to find them would be much appreciated.  Cuz this party’s just gettin’ started. 🙂