Earlier this week I gathered together some of the instructors / event organizers that Mozilla’s been chatting with to talk to them a little bit about forming an instructor community.  (Don’t worry if you missed it! — it’s not for lack of love, this was just my attempt to talk to a few people at first.  There’ll be much more chatting coming up. 🙂 )

Here’s the etherpad notes: March 6th instructor call notes

A few summary points:

  • What do we call their role?
    • teacher” implies classroom teacher
    • mentor” feels too top-down
    • facilitator“?
    • educator” liked by some; feels like boring, old, no-sense-of-play by others
  • What do we call what they’re teaching?
    • coding” is too narrow
    • web making” is clumsy but has greater extent
  • How would they best like to talk with each other?
    • Some way of discussing things.  Mailing list not visual enough.  Forum?
    • Idea: parts of the site could be built by the classes folks are teaching
    • Wiki/commenting type thing would be useful
    • Google+ group?  Tara started one.
  • General enthusiasm about having a conference.  Esp. if a bare-bones site is up by then.
  • General enthusiasm about day of action.  Ideas about how to think even bigger.  (Haha, I ❤ you guys.)

It was great to finally get some of these folks in the same “room” and chatting.  I think others who attended will agree that there was a lot of energy on the call.  Looking forward to setting more of that in motion!