One of the things I love about actually getting down and teaching folks is that you learn so much, so quickly, compared to sitting around and just contemplating what teaching them should be like.

Here are three (of the many) things that I learned today about webmaking:

1) When shown a picture of the chrome logo, the firefox logo, the safari logo and the IE logo, and asked “what do you use these for?”, they all replied, in perfect unison, “searching for things!”

2) One of the facilitators today asked me: “When I use to shorten a URL, is that one the things you can type right into a browser, or is it just a link they have to click on?”  Don’t underestimate the value of teaching web mechanics.

3) Later in the day, after they’ve been using x-ray goggles for an activity, Heather was showing them a webpage and there was a big image in the way of what she wanted to show them.  “Gah,” she sighed.  “That image is in the way.”  One of the kids yelled from the audience: “Use the x-ray goggles to delete the image.”  Score one for learning tools that you can use in the real world too.

The girls already seem a lot more confident with each other and it’s still just Monday!