The Toronto Teacher Hackjam is only a few weeks away, on May 5th, and I’m pretty excited about the sessions that we have planned.

The event is a one-day meetup for classroom teachers to inspire them with ways that they can incorporate web making into their classroom, without pushing aside required curriculum.

Some of the cool stations that teachers can choose from include:

  • Introduction to Scratch
  • Collaborative Story Writing on the Web
  • Digital Social Studies with Google Maps and Javascript
  • Wikipedia Editing for Credit
  • Intro to Collaborative Web Making
  • Making Web Movies with Popcorn
  • Edmodo in the Classroom

There won’t be enough time in the day to attend all of them, so I’ve already had some teachers send me “when’s the next hackjam scheduled?” questions, haha.

We have all sorts of teachers signed up from elementary school through college, as well as some interested parents, school administrators and informal instructors.

If you know of folks who might be interested in attending, please do send them our way! And if you think that this is something that would get a lot of love and attention in your local community, let us know you’re interested.