Earlier this year, we posed a question to Audrey Watters: should Mozilla build a ‘scratch’ for HTML5?

Since then, she’s been chatting with lots of smart folks, and has come to some conclusions.  Curious?

This Thursday (Apr 26th), I’ll be hosting a fireside chat online to talk with Audrey about what she discovered, her conclusions, and to moderate some questions that folks have been wondering about with respect to this topic.

I imagine that the event will loosely resemble this photo below.

Image credit: 21st Amendment Brewery

I’ll be the one sloshing around the large cup of alcohol, which I guess makes Audrey the quasi-hidden elf-child in the photo?  Or maybe the elf-feet represents you, the quasi-hidden internet viewer who can totally tune in to hear our discussion and ask questions, and Audrey’s the one in the dashing suit and I’m an invisible narrator.

Either way, if you’re interested please join us!

  • Audrey Watters: A Fireside Chat
  • April 26th, online, 12-1pm ET

Lanyrd info: http://lanyrd.com/2012/scratchhtml5/

Etherpad for questions: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/audrey-fireside