True fact: I may have spent several hours this weekend watching Crash Course on World History videos.  Not only because I wanted to see whether or not they accurately portrayed our best understanding of pre-agricultural history (and unlike most folks, they did), but also because I found the short-video format to be kind of addictive.

My rate of “things I was learning per minute” was remarkably high.

It made me start to wonder whether or not it would make sense to have a series of short facts about how the web works.  Not long 60-minute lectures about the history of ICANN, but just quick bites of information.

I put together this 2-minute video of the definition of HTML and CSS in an attempt to prototype the format.

As you can probably tell, my artistic ability needs some, ahem, work.  Nor is the script perfect.  But it’s an example of the type of video that I mean.  Extremely short, just explaining a single bite-sized concept.