A number of folks here in Mozilla Foundation land been hard at work putting together an editor that I’ve talked about before called Webpage Maker.


The idea is to have a two-pane editor so that you can type on the left and have it updated on the right in real-time. This is super-cool and gives you the kind of immediate-feedback-loop that makes tinkering possible.

There are actually a few great websites out there that already do this kind of live preview, so why make our own?

First off, we’re working on a library that provides hints/errors as you type. Like spellcheck for html. Forgot to close a tag? Left an open quotation mark dangling? We’ll let you know. We’re hoping that this library will be used not only by our Webpage Maker app, but that any and all folks who have “type your html here” parts to their apps can use it (and help us expand it!) to make typing HTML/CSS just a little bit easier across the whole web.

We’re also providing one-click publishing/saving/sharing and remixing, bringing together two core elements of the web. It should be super-easy to whip up a quick webpage without thinking about the complex questions of hosting and such. And it should be super-easy to remix someone else’s work.

Lastly, our learning team is hard at work making a number of hackable templates.  If you remix one of these templates, you’ll have some basic instructions that you can follow to learn something about webmaking.

Webpage Maker is gonna be ready (in an early form) in time for our summer campaign and we already have tons of ideas for where to take it next, but we’re excited to see how folks start to use it.

In particular, I’m excited by the fact that Webpage Maker isn’t intended to be a product that’s going to push out all of the existing online editors. Instead, we’re trying to put together a number of libraries and services that ultimately I hope will help improve the whole ecosystem of online editors.