Last Saturday at the Mozilla Toronto offices we held a hackjam for classroom teachers with the idea of exploring the concept: how can I inject learning technology directly into my existing curriculum?

We had a great turn-out of 40+ teachers from K-8 all the way through college.

Some photos of the event here:

Toronto Teacher Hackjam – May 05, 2012

Big thanks to the session instructors who did all the heavy lifting of motivating and inspiring our participants:

  • Marco Tomada and Zaki Patel: Introduction to Scratch
  • Laurie MacDougall: Collaborative Story Writing on the Web
  • Matt Price: Digital Social Studies with Google Maps and Javascript
  • Rochelle Mazar and Lauren Di Monte: Wikipedia Editing for Credit
  • Laura Hilliger: Intro to Collaborative Web Making
  • Kate Hudson: Making Web Movies with Popcorn
  • Shadi Yazdan: Edmodo in the Classroom

For those of you who are sad that you couldn’t make it, or horribly jealous and wish we could host one in your city, I plan on putting together a howto for this type of event format, so please do contact me if you’re interested in giving it a shot. 🙂