It kinda sounds like the name of a Harry Potter book, doesn’t it?  Mozilla Webmaker, and the Summer Code Party.

Ahhh yes, that must be the novel in which a Mozilla Webmaker encounters a 404 page, and has to enlist the help of his friends to defeat it, only to discover that the only safe way to sail through the world wide web … is aboard … a friend – ship.  (/tinygag)

What it means, though, is that we finally have an awesome central hub to send people who want to learn how to make things on the web:

To kick off this initiative, we’re launching the Summer Code Party, which starts on June 23rd:

We’re inviting everyone to join or volunteer at free local events and teach-ins around the world. With new Webmaker tools, event kits and starter projects designed to make it easy, social and fun.
We’re not doing this alone. We want to build a big tent for everyone who shares our goal of a more web literate planet. Amazing partners are joining the party, from Tumblr, Creative Commons and Code for America to SoundCloud, the San Francisco Public Library, the London Zoo, and dozens of others. Plus special events with Boing Boing’s Cory Doctorow, OK GO’s Damian Kulash, and more.
What types of programs can participate? Summer camps, day camps, summer schools, public libraries, recreation centers, neighborhood groups, your kitchen table — anyone with a willingness to make, learn and engage using the open building blocks of the web.


If you’re interested in participating in the Summer Code Party, you can find an event near you, or create your own.  This is a great opportunity for the readers of this blog to think about the people around them who might be interested in learning a bit of webmaking.  You don’t have to be a web pro to create an event — all you need is a few friends, a kitchen table to gather around, and a desire to build, make and play.  We’ll try to help with the rest! 🙂