RWX are three permission bits used by computers to say whether or not a file is readable, writeable, or executable.  (Learn more.)

I believe that the web should be all three of these:

  • It should be readable and open, with lots of transparency wherever possible.
  • It should be writeable to anyone who has something they’d like to post.  This means we need to teach people how to speak with whatever tools/technology they need to do so.
  • It should be executable: people should be making things on the web.  It should be like a lego set, rife with possibilities and permutations, not an immutable object

Hence “rwxweb”.  (And yes, I am aware of the irony that “rwx” is not a particularly readable acronym, and no, I don’t think that people need to learn chmod in order to be web literate.  Is this the only-perfect-analogies committee?)

This blog is my working log as I figure out how to achieve the above goal.